An Invitation to Every Expectant Mum in Dubai: Let's Connect and Grow Together!

Hello to all expectant mothers and new mums in the UAE, especially in Dubai!

At Mums & Love, our dedication goes beyond providing Chemical-free maternity and baby clothes; we are committed to fostering a supportive community for women at every stage of motherhood. This initiative is not only a core value for us, but also a means of nurturing enduring relationships across generations and among women of diverse backgrounds, careers, professions, interests, nationalities, and cultures.

group of networking for mums in dubai

Our monthly events are tailored to create a welcoming space for expectant mothers and new mums, allowing us to get to know you and for you to learn more about us. Each month, we host a delightful breakfast or workshop at a different coffee shop, bringing together like-minded mums and experts to share insights on sustainable fashion, pregnancy, and motherhood.

These events are designed to provide a platform for connection, knowledge-sharing, and guidance, emphasizing our commitment to your well-being and journey through motherhood in the UAE.


mums event in dubai

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Stay updated on our upcoming events and join us in this enriching experience. Follow us on Instagram and join our WhatsApp group to stay informed about our future events.