Introducing Mums and Love's Pregnancy Bank: Your Chance to Make a Lasting Impact


At Mums and Love, we believe in the transformative power of community and the ability of individuals coming together to create positive change. It is with this spirit that we introduce the Mums and Love Pregnancy Bank, a heartfelt initiative driven by our dedicated group members and volunteers.

The Pregnancy Bank is a beacon of hope and support for mothers in need, especially those who require assistance in preparing essential items for their hospital bags as they welcome their newborns into the world. Through the generous contributions of our community, we aim to provide vital items such as diapers, formula milk, newborn clothing, and supportive items for mothers.

By joining us in supporting the Pregnancy Bank, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the lives of mothers and newborns. Your voluntary contributions, no matter how small, can provide comfort and relief to those in need, and demonstrate the power of compassion in action.

We invite you to visit our Instagram profile to learn more about the Pregnancy Bank and reach out to us if you are inspired to be a part of this compassionate endeavor. Together, let's create a network of support that reflects the true essence of community and care.

Join us in making a difference. Together, we can nurture and uplift mothers and their newborns, one act of kindness at a time. 🌼


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Mums & Love Team